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Kitchen Chef

This is the head chef. He is the guy (or girl) who creates the specials, orders the foods, and works as the general manager of the kitchen. He probably does the scheduling, the hiring and the firing of kitchen staff, as well. A good candidate for the executive chef position is normally filled by someone with several years of cooking and restaurant management experience.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers have a number of responsibilities in the day to day business of running a restaurant. Qualifications required to be a restaurant manager include basics, such as people skills and organization. However, depending on the size and concept of a restaurant, candidates may need a degree in business or hospitality.


A restaurant server is the customer service rep for a restaurant. A good restaurant server can convert any customer into a regular, while a poor server can just as easily turn customers away. A restaurant server job description can include many different duties beyond just serving food.


The bartender is the top position of the front of house staff. Depending on the type of restaurant, the bartender may be responsible for getting the rest of the staff drinks for their tables (service bar) as well as the serving of customers who choose to eat at the bar.


The general job of a restaurant host is to meet, greet, and seat customers. Therefore it is an excellent entry-level job for someone without a lot of restaurant experience (or any). The host should be friendly and courteous, as well as organized and comfortable multi-tasking, knowing how to handle busy shifts.


Usually an entry-level position, the dishwasher is often the most underrated position in the whole restaurant. Beyond the obvious of washing dishes, other duties include washing floors, cleaning bathrooms and other small maintenance tasks. While dishwashing isn’t most people’s dream job, it is one of the most important- after all, if the dishwasher doesn’t show up for their shift, it can bring a restaurant to a grinding halt on a busy night.


Equipment can break in any restaurant, from freezers to ranges to entire walk-in coolers, along with daily cleaning. The day to day maintenance may be a job you want to do. It depends on how handy you are and the size of the restaurant.